What is a Mini Fridge?

Sunday, July 16th, 2017 - Guide

A mini fridge (small refrigerator) is defined as a fridge with a capacity of less than 5.5 cubic feet, such as is often found in hotel or dormitory rooms.

Although this type of refrigerator cannot store the weekly food for a family of four, it is enough room to keep a small selection of items cool.

A Compact Refrigerator

A mini fridge can be used to store food and drinks that may not fit in the main refrigerator in the home or if a regular refrigerator is not available. Many features found on a regular refrigerator can also be found in a mini fridge. These include a small freezer compartment and ice maker.

As Regular Storage

Mini fridges are also popular for storing snacks and drinks, which can then be conveniently placed nearby during a movie marathon and other special events at home.

A Word of Advice

Although most the mini fridges seen online and in retail stores are capable of storing groceries and fresh meats, there are some designed for drinks and snacks only. These mini fridges do not meet the required temperatures to prevent bacteria growth, which causes food poisoning.

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