7 Obvious Signs You Should Invest In a New Mini Fridge

Thursday, November 16th, 2017 - Guide

A good mini fridge can last for years, but at some point all mini fridges begin to break down or become troublesome. The decision of whether or not to replace your old mini fridge rests on multiple factors, including the condition, the environmental impact and your personal needs.

Let’s take a look at seven signs that you may need a new mini fridge:

Sign #1: You See Excessive Condensation

When you start to see moisture puddling up in your mini fridge, there may be a larger issue at hand than you thought. This may be caused by a sealing problem, where you may need to replace your gasket system. If this does not work, then your refrigerator may have a problem keeping a consistent internal temperature.

Sign #2: The Motor’s Running Hot

If you notice this in your fridge, it would be wise to call a repair technician to inspect your coils. Depending on the situation and the problem at hand, replacing the coils could be an option for you to consider or worst buying a new fridge.

Sign #3: Your Freezer Has Gone Ice Age

One of the most common signs you may notice, is that your freezer is starting go Winter Season. While you obviously want a freezer to keep your food in its intended frozen state, it’s not normal for you to have to break the ice off just so you can reach your food..

Sign #4: Your Food Is Spoiling Faster Then Before

Another sign that your mini fridge is about to breakdown, is when you notice your food start to smell and/or spoil faster than it normally would. 

Sign #5: Your Mini Fridge Goes Noisy

While most compact fridges produces noise, another sign that your fridge is about to break down is the excessive noise. Buy a new one, this is your only choice.

Sign #6: Your Fridge Is More Than 5 Years Old

Technology is constantly evolving and the older refrigerators from 5 or more years ago should most likely be replaced. Older mini fridge can really drain your wallet quickly with repairs. It is probably time to invest in a newer and more efficient mini fridge.

Sign #7: Your Fridge Isn’t Energy Efficient

If your energy bills have been looking a bit higher and you’re still using the same amount of power everymonth inefficient mini fridges may be the root of your problem. Buy a new one now!

Bonus Tips:

3 things you need to know before buying a  new mini fridge

How much does it hold?

The total capacity is listed in cubic feet, but this number ignores shelves, drawers and other things that take up space. Thats like measuring the square footage of a house by knocking down all of the walls: How you use the space isnt taken into account.

Will it fit in your kitchen?

This sounds obvious, but measure the available space before you shop and make sure to allow at least a quarter-inch gap for air to circulate behind the refrigerator and on all sides.

How much will it cost to run?

About 8% of the average electricity bill goes toward running the refrigerator. So it is important to know how much a new refrigerator will cost to run and how much you might save.

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