Our Favorite Mini Fridges Under $100

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 - Guide

Purchasing an expensive mini fridge with freezer in Amazon will get you a machine that is better and lasts longer than another cheap mini fridge. A mini fridge’s price can be as high as $400 or even above but we here at Just Fridge knows that not everyone wants to spend a fortune on their mini fridges.

In this post, we grouped the best and affordable mini fridges that will cost you less than $100 that work just as great and receive great reviews.

Quick Comparison: Affordable and Cheap Mini Fridge 

Mini Fridge Quality Price Ratings
Midea HS-65L A+ $$ 4/5
RCA RFR180 A+ $$$ 4/5
Midea 1.7cf A+ $$ 4/5
Koolatron CVF18 A- $ 3/5

Types of Mini Fridges

Cube Mini Fridges – Named after their cube shape, these mini fridge models are basically bare-bones boxes with few conveniences and less than 2 cubic feet of space, offering the least value. Consider buying one only if nothing larger fits your dorm room or office space.

Tall Mini Fridges – These models are among the largest mini fridges and the most practical overall. Most of the ones we see on retails and online shops have about 4 cubic feet of claimed storage capacity. Because their thermostat is located in the refrigerator, temperature performance tends to be better in that section than in the freezer.

Two Door Models – These mini fridge models have a separate freezer with its own door, similar to a full-sized top-freezer. Their thermostats are located in the freezer, so temperature performance is much better in that section than in the refrigerator. Consider buying these type of mini fridge if you plan on storing fresh meats and leftovers.

Cheap Mini Fridge Deals Under $100

1. Midea HS-65L Compact Fridge

f you are particular with noise levels and energy efficiency then this model is perfect for you. The Midea HS-65L Compact Single Reversible Door Refrigerator with Freezer features a capacity of 1.7 cubic feet and also comes with warranty.

This model also have a separate chiller compartment that keeps everything cool. A great investment and priced lesser than branded refrigerators and works fine.

2. RCA RFR180 Compact Fridge

This is one powerful mini fridge that offers door basket for 2 liter of bottles and an ice cube with chamber tray. The Stainless steel RCA RFR180 is a 1.7 cubic foot refrigerator that is best for your college dorm, bed room and office space. The sleek and shiny finish is a great addition to its features. It is also compressor cooled, meaning it will perform well no matter what the outside and inside temperature is. You will definitely have a great time keeping your beverages cooled.

3. Midea  1.7cf Refrigerator

If you want a very sleek looking mini fridge that packs with lower noise levels than other fridges, the Midea 1.7cf Compact Fridge is your deal. It keeps everything icy cold and is lightweight with only 35.4 pounds. A great buy and it will fit perfectly in small dorm rooms and office spaces. Its a good small refrigerator to store beverages and food.

4. Koolatron CVF18 10-Can-Capacity Vending Fridge

Looking for a stylish, vintage look for your mini fridge? The Koolatron CVF18 10-Can-Capacity Vending Fridge is your best find under $100 with a tall window display that dispenses cans vending-machine style. It holds up to 10 12-ounce cans of soda for your daily beverage need. Great fit for “man caves”, dorm rooms and office spaces.

*Decals not included when purchased.