How To Choose Your First Mini Fridge

Friday, October 27th, 2017 - Guide

A plain small dorm room or a simple office space will be a lot better with a quick snack or cold drink within your arms reach. Mini fridges are also a great way to store leftovers and other essential snacks it also save trips to the kitchen when installed in home office, workshop or media room. With as prices as low as $95, mini fridges saves you a lot of money. No wonder Americans buy a few millions of mini fridges every year.

There are a lot of things to consider when buying your first mini fridge (compact refrigerator). We have listed down the basics for you to take into account.

Pick the Type of Mini Fridge

Mini Fridges comes in different types from Tall models, Two door fridges and Cube types.

Cube Mini Fridges Named after their cube shape, these mini fridge models are basically bare-bones boxes with few conveniences and less than 2 cubic feet of space, offering the least value. Consider buying one only if nothing larger fits your dorm room or office space.

1. Danby DAR195BL 1.8 cu.ft. All Refrigerator Black

Price Range: $110 to $130.

Tall Mini Fridges These models are among the largest mini fridges and the most practical overall. Most of the ones we you see on retails and online shops have about 4 cubic feet of claimed storage capacity. Because their thermostat is located in the refrigerator, temperature performance tends to be better in that section than in the freezer.

2. Black Haier HC32SA42SB 3.2 Cubic Feet Refrigerator

Price Range: $95 to $300

Two Door Models These mini fridge models have a separate freezer with its own door, similar to a full-sized top-freezer. Their thermostats are located in the freezer, so temperature performance is much better in that section than in the refrigerator. Consider buying these type of mini fridge if you plan on storing fresh meats and leftovers.

3. Danby 2 Door Compact Refrigerator

Price Range: $100 to $240

Additional Things to Consider

Interior Layout – Adjustable layers, shelves and door mounted bins and dispenser that you can remove, replace and customize for your items to fit in.

Interior Lighting –  You don’t want to open a dark fridge at night. Lighting is important for the ease of finding what you need inside the fridge.

Door Lock System – You should also consider this feature for your fridge to avoid roommates and co-workers freeloading your lunch!


Buy the biggest mini fridge that fits your space. Larger models not only hold more but may also be more energy efficient and deliver the most convenience that fit your needs.

Bonus Tips

  • Choose a mini fridge with an interior configuration that suits your storage needs
  • Consider a two-door model if you plan to store frozen food.
  • Buy the largest mini fridge you can afford that will fit your need and location.
  • Check with your school before buying a mini fridge for a dorm room

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