How To Properly Dispose Your Mini Fridge

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 - Guide

A mini-fridge can be ideal for a dorm room or studio apartment, but when you move into a bigger place or your fridge stopped working, it may no longer do the trick. You may need to dispose this small appliance in the long run but dont worry there are many ways to do this.

Schedule a Pick Up

Because a refrigerator can be an extremely heavy and unwieldy appliance, the easiest way to dispose of one is to have a professional service come and collect it. There are a number of different services to which one can reach out when seeking a way to dispose of an old refrigerator.

Contact local appliance retailers

Ask if they have appliance-removal programs. Across the United States, Best Buy will remove an old fridge from a customer’s home when a new one is purchased and delivered through one of their stores. There is no fee for the service.

Find a local scrap metal recycler.

Such services should be equipped to handle your old fridge in a manner that complies with federal regulations

Waste Management

Waste management or a similar public works body will most likely be able to take an old refrigerator to the dump and dispose of it properly. Usually, this will require a scheduled pick up rather than merely leaving an old refrigerator out with other trash items. This is because the hazardous components must be dealt with separately before the refrigerator can be taken to the dump. In some cases, a small fee may be required, but in other cities, this service will be free. Check online for your city’s local trash service and find out what type of program they offer.

Dispose Your Mini Fridge Quora Tips

If it works Clean it up, take a picture of it, set a lowball price and place the item online WIthin 24-48 hours, you’l get a call and someone will come by and probably buy it.

If it works, but you don’t feel like cleaning it up or advertising ( rural area) Put the refrigerator ion the curb in front of your home. There are people who drive around searching for free curbside item. The refrigerator will disappear in 1-3 days at the most/ It may disappear the same day.

If it works, but you don’t feel like cleaning it up or advertising (urban area) Most trash collecting companies have one day a week/month where oversized items will be hauled away. Call your company, find what your day is and then take the refrigerator to the curb for removal.

It doesn’t work Junk it. Sell it online as non-working. Take it to your local Salvation Army (call first) as they’ll have people who they are helping disassemble it and they’ll sell the scrap metal recovered.

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Properly disposing of your old refrigerator should not be an additional hassle. However, due to the components that make up a mini fridge, there are special considerations that must be taken into account in order to properly dispose this small appliance. Improperly handled refrigerators can pose a threat to the community and to the entire environment.

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