How to Properly Defrost Your Mini Fridge

Monday, July 10th, 2017 - Guide

Maintaining these small appliances involves cleaning up spills and unpleasant odors. This also includes defrosting your mini fridge. Because of its small size, cleaning it takes a little effort on your part. This post is a guide for everyone on how to properly clean and defrost your mini fridge.

How to Properly Defrost Your Mini Fridge

Things You Will Need:

  • Towels / Rags
  • Drip Pan
  • Nonabrasive Cleaning Supplies

Mini Fridge With Defrost Button Setting

Some mini fridges have a defrost button, located on the user control panel, that should be used when the ice build-up in the freezer.

  1. Remove all contents from the freezer, ensure the drip pan is in place.
  2. Push the defrost button and wait for a few hours
  3. Empty the drip pain and wipe down the interior with a clean towel as needed.

Defrost Mini Fridge Manually

Mini fridges without a defrost button will need to be defrosted manually.

  1. Remove all items from your mini fridge before unplug the mini fridge.
  2. Lay a thick towel in the interior bottom of the mini fridge. Ensure the towel extends across the front exterior of the appliance to catch any dripping water.
  3. Allow the mini fridge to defrost overnight with the doors open.
  4. Wipe the moisture off all surfaces of the mini fridge in the morning. Remove any stains and odors inside the fridge, using warm, soapy water.
  5. Clean all shelves, trays and racks within the mini fridge.
  6. Rinse the mini fridge of any cleaning agent, using a damp rag. Allow it to dry completely.
  7. Plug in the mini fridge and return all your drinks and snacks to the appliance once the temperature has cooled inside. Adjust the temperature setting on the mini fridge to an appropriate level for your food.

Bonus Tips

  1. Defrost your mini fridge about every three months and at least 24 hours before leaving on a trip lasting a week in length or longer.
  2. Keep an open box of baking soda in your mini fridge to absorb odors.
  3. If you’re planning on long-term storage of your mini fridge after defrosting, ensure the interior is completely dry to prevent mold growth and the compressor isn’t exposed to dust build up.
  4. Remember to keep the mini fridge upright at all times.

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