The Best and Most Recommended Mini Fridge List of 2016

We all have different needs which make it difficult to decide which mini fridge would work best for us. Every year we read about new breakthroughs with mini fridges from leading manufacturers in the world, but time and again additional features turn out to be plain marketing tricks despite this, there are some fridges that will give you a step above the rest.

Here at Just Fridge we have done the hard work of comparing the best products and round up the best and most recommended mini fridge list for 2015

2015 Top Rated Mini Fridges

Keystone KSTRC312CB Compact 2-Door Refrigerator

Keystone kstrc312cb

Price: $197.98

This mini fridge comes with a separate top-mount freezer with storage on freezer door with manual defrost and storage on the freezer door perfect for dorm rooms, rec rooms, small offices or anywhere space is limited.

It is pricey but guaranteed to give you one of the best storage experience your money can buy.

Igloo FR329-Red Garage Fridge Tool Box

Igloo fr329 red

Price: $195.37

The top-of-the-line mini fridge from Igloo is great for a Mans world you can hide your secret beverage stash in this tool box looking mini fridge. The fridge uses a powerful compressor to keep your drinks perfectly cold all with low energy consumption. This fridge will blend right in to your garage or work room and is the perfect gift for Dad, or any handy man.

Igloo Eraser Board Refrigerator

igloo eraser boardPrice: $147.30
Write and erase messages on this compact Igloo Eraser Board Refrigerator. The inside of the fridge includes two adjustable shelves, a 2 L bottle storage area, a door can rack, and more. The reversible door in this Igloo compact refrigerator allows either left or right-hand opening. The adjustable food shelves allow you to keep your groceries in an organized way. The door rack in this 3.2 cu. ft. refrigerator offers additional storage space.

RC RFR321 Mini Fridge

rca rfr321

Price: $138.58

Perfect for your college dorm room, bedroom, office, and any place you need a compact fridge to keep your food and beverages cold. The fridge is CFC free and has a built-in accurate adjustable thermostat so you can keep your food and drinks at the perfect temperature. The sleek tempered glass shelves look great and are easy to clean.

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