The Best Mini Fridge for Women – 2016 List

Here are our favorite women’s mini fridge currently available in 2015.

best mini fridge for women 2015

There are other great fridges out there that would work just fine for you, but these are the ones that we feel are the best. Here is the list of top fridges for you in terms of quality, efficiency, fit, ratings, and popularity around the web.

Quick Comparison: Top Mini Fridge for Girls

Mini Fridge Quality Price Ratings
Keystone KSTRC24CBP A $$$ 4/5
Hello Kitty Compact Refrigerator A- $$ 3/5
Portable Hello Kitty Mini Fridge B+ $$ 3/5
Scroll down to see our review of each product

Choosing the Right Mini Fridge for You

Not all mini fridges are created equally. Knowing the types available can help you make the best choice for you. Mini Fridges comes in different types from Tall models, Two door fridges and Cube types.

If you choose a mini-fridge, make sure it fits your room because these small appliances need additional spaces for it to function well and to avoid damages.

Additional Things to Consider

Interior Layout – Adjustable layers, shelves and door mounted bins and dispenser that you can remove, replace and customize for your items to fit in.

Interior Lighting –  You don’t want to open a dark fridge at night. Lighting is important for the ease of finding what you need inside the fridge.

Top 3 Women’s Mini Fridge of 2015

Keystone KSTRC24CBP Compact Refrigerator

Keystone KSTRC24CBP Compact RefrigeratorThis Keystone Mini Fridge has a wipe-off board front and includes a coordinating dry-erase marker. Perfect for college dorm rooms to decorate or leave notes on the door front. The dry-erase marker wipes clean with a dry or damp cloth. Inside it has a chiller compartment (lowest temperature is 32 degrees F), 2 wire shelves and bottle/can storage in the door. Plus, the flush back design, reversible door and adjustable legs will make sure it fits just where you need it.

Hello Kitty Compact Refrigerator

Hello Kitty Compact RefrigeratorA perfect gift for daughters and little ones. This hello kitty inspired mini fridge keep beverages and food cool and fresh with this stylish Hello Kitty compact refrigerator that features spill-proof shelf construction for easy cleaning.

Portable Hello Kitty Mini Fridge

claires hello kitty mini fridgeThis Hello Kitty portable mini fridge would be very nice to use in an office, bedroom or dorm room. It is large enough to hold up to six cans of soda. It measures 11.2 inches x 10.5 inches x 7.6 inches. The small size of this Hello Kitty mini fridge allows it to be portable, and it even has a built-in handle to allow it to be carried easily. In addition, it comes with an adapter to allow it to be plugged into a car when you are on the go!

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