6 Awesome Hacks To Optimize Your Mini Fridge

Because you don’t want to stacking everything at once and have a messy mini fridge. Here are some awesome hacks we found that you can use for your own dorm fridge or office mini fridges.

Use a dry erase marker on your fridge door for easy labeling and restocking.

fridge door with labels
via chiotsrun.com

Use a binder clip for stacking beers

stacking beers with clip
via checkmediadaily.com

Use magazine holders as freezer shelves

magazine holders works as freezer shelves
via auntpeaches.com

Use six-pack containers to organize the door shelves.

6pack containers organize
via Reddit

Can’t close your fridge because of a long 12 pack?

12 pack inside a mini fridge 2 12 pack inside a mini fridge
via Reddit

Fridge friendly Pizza Box

pizza fridge hack
via Reddit

If you have want some hacks for your mini fridges please feel free to contact us. We will update this list once we received and reviewed your submission!

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