7 Obvious Signs You Should Invest In a New Mini Fridge

old and broken mini fridge

A good mini fridge can last for years, but at some point all mini fridges begin to break down or become troublesome. The decision of whether or not to replace your old mini fridge rests on multiple factors, including the condition, the environmental impact and your personal needs. Let’s take a look at seven signs that

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Affordable Mini Fridge with Freezer and Lock

EdgeStar CRF150SS

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How To Properly Dispose Your Mini Fridge


Due to the components that make up a mini fridge, there are special considerations that must be considered to properly dispose this small appliance.

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Defrosting a Mini Fridge The Safe Easy Way

The video on this post shows the safe and easy way on how to defrost your fridge quickly, and it’s surprisingly simple.

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The Best Mini Fridge for Men – 2016 List

best fridge for men 2015

These ones are our favorites and we picked them out as they have a cool and masculine appeal to them and are big enough to hold beer bottles!

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