Tin SimmonsHey there, I’m Jessica Simmons!

I’m no one special just a stay at home daughter.

I’ve have had a rough start when finding a dorm room mini-fridge four years back and ended up buying a stupid fridge.

Instead of buying the cheapest mini fridge I could find, I decided I needed to invest in a proper mini fridge that works and one that will last longer than four months!

You can imagine the research I did to make sure we got the best mini fridge for my dorm room. Once I realized how difficult it was to find this information I decided to start this website and help people find the right mini fridge for their daily needs.

Before you can find the right mini fridge, it is essential to know what type you need and their measurements. Only after that you can select your fridge.

Over the years, I have discovered some of the best mini fridges made by the best manufacturers and I’ve worked hard compiling this information for you here so I hope you can find the best fridge for you.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me tweet @justfridge.